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Property Records & Tax Search

FetchGIS: FREE Property Record Searches

FetchGIS is an online resource that contains a variety of information relating to St. Joseph County property records, tax history, maps and other property related data. It replaces several of the services that were previously available on the St. Joseph County website.

FetchGIS is free to use and does not require any special downloads. Information is updated daily.

Tax & Delinquent Tax Searches: Fee Based

These searches are fee based search services which show additional information not available through the free FetchGIS search

The searches show the most current information on record at St. Joseph County, the individual local government units or the BS&A website.

Information for properties you own is free provided you register for an account with the service and associate the tax payer name with your account.

St. Joseph County Search: (BS&A Website)
St. Joseph County search for current delinquent tax.

Current tax and building and land information is only available through the local government units' searches.

Local Units' Searches: (BS&A Website)
Individual searches of local government units (cities, townships and villages) for current tax, Principle Residency Exemption, building and land and other property information.