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Local Government Directory

The Local Government Directory contains information on all of the Cities, Townships and Villages within St. Joseph County. The directory contains names and contact information for all City, Township and Village officials and the addresses of the City, Township and Village halls. Website addresses and meeting dates and times for local government boards are also provided.

The political party for Township officials are indicated next to the official's name with a (R) standing for Republican and a (D) standing for Democrat. City and Village officials hold non-partisan positions.

Please note that the address listed for an official may not be their mailing address if the official has a Post Office Box.

Please click on the City, Township or Village name from the menu on side to view the information for that municipality.


Information not contained within the directory:

* Cemeteries & Sextons
* Polling (Voting) Locations

The Local Government Directory is maintained by the St. Joseph County Clerk's Office.

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