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Property Addressing

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The GIS department issues new addresses to all rural properties in St Joseph County. In other words, if you are about to build a home and your property is not within the corporate limits of a City or Village, you will need to communicate with our office to obtain an address. In most cases you will need the new address before you can proceed with water, sewer or building permits.

To obtain an address you will need to provide the following information:

  • If the parcel was split from a larger parcel, a copy of the split approval from the local government is necessary. If a survey was required for split approval you will need to present a copy for addressing.
  • A legal description or a deed copy.
  • A drawing reasonably depicting the location of the structure in terms of side-yard and front-yard setbacks.
  • Get additional information by calling our office at (269) 467-5576.