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Hardship Extension

Hardship Extensions are designed to delay foreclosure deadlines by one year for owners who are actively working to catch up their delinquent property taxes. Hardship Extensions are aimed at homeowners but may be granted occasionally for small, family business or commercial property that is the primary source of the owner's income.

The person requesting an extension must:

  1. Hold title to the property or represent the estate if the owner is deceased.
  2. Complete the Hardship Extension Application (PDF).
  3. Provide proof of income.
  4. Provide information to us about assets you may have other than:
    a. Assets in retirement programs recognized as tax exempt by the IRS (e.g. IRA, 401K, 457, SEP).
    b. Personal, occupied residence.
    c. Vehicle, tools, or other equipment needed for work.
  5. Present a plan for payment. Plans may include one or more of the following:
    a. Assistance from a local help agency.
    b. Recent history of making regular payments.
    c. Sale or refinancing of the property.

The Treasurer will assist delinquent taxpayers to develop a payment plan as part of the application process.

The law requires the Treasurer to review your income and allows the Treasurer to grant hardships to property owners whos household income is at or below the federal poverty income standards (as defined and determined annually by the United States Office of Management and Budget). However, the St. Joseph County Treasurer will consider extenuating circumstances that may create a financial hardship even if your income is higher than the federal standards. Withholding the property from the foreclosure petition is the sole judgment of the County Treasurer. We are willing to discuss your individual situation with you as part of the application process.

Granting of financial hardship status shall be for only current year(s) pending foreclosure; it extends only the time to pay the amount due; additional expenses, interest and penalties continue to accrue.

Instructions for Applying for the 2009 One-Year Hardship Extension

The 2009 Application for One-Year Hardship Extension has been designed to be in keeping with the requirements of the State of Michigan with regard to poverty exemptions. To be considered for hardship exemption, the following information must be provided:

  1. Complete all sections of the application in full. Be sure to sign the application.
  2. Submit a completed and signed copy of the following:
    a. 2007 Michigan Income Tax Return, including Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim (MI 2040 CR)
    b. 2007 Federal Income Tax Return (1040) for all other occupants of your home.
  3. If an occupant of your home is not employed but has income from another source, you must show the income in "Annual Income" on page 1 of your application. It must also be on page 3 under the "2008 Estimated Household Income" section and included in the Total Projected Household Income for 2007.
  4. If you completed the section on page one of the application indicating you have major or unusual out-of-pocket expenses, you must provide copies of documents verifying these expenses. This does not include everyday living expenses.
  5. The application must legible. If you need or want to provide additional information please attach a separate sheet. If you need help preparing your application, please call the St. Joseph County Treasurer's Office.
  6. Do not submit originals of supporting documentation as we must keep these for our records and cannot return them.
  7. If the application is incomplete or you do not include copies of the required financial documents, you may be considered ineligible for a one-year hardship extension.